The Age of Plunder

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The Age of Plunder recorded Mr. Chen Ping's public comments during 2008-2011. It is about the 2008 Economics Crisis, its pathogeny, its long-term reverberations and its implications for Chin's future. The author indicates this great crisis hasn't fully subsided and it's an irredeemable crisis of the "one-legged capitalist" social apparatus.

The author predicted and called for a new civilization (following the industrialized civilization) to overcome the prolonged, painful era of decline. A new emancipation movement is needed to break through the vested interests and mainstream values, to foster new cultures, new ways of living and to build a more fair and equitable democratic society with sustainable economic growth.

In China's perspective, the author proposed that China's party-controlled development model in the past 20 years is in a historical turning point. China has to rebuild a new republic and democratic state with new system, culture and value to achieve sustainable development.


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